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Party Station
Party Station

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Party Station SpongeBob

Party Station

Adventure City's Party Station is an all enclosed dining hall that can accommodate any size party or event. Its colorful theme runs floor the ceiling and everyone is always surprised to see the Adventure City Express Train as it chugs its way through!  To start the event, your child climbs on their own personal Adventure City Taxi and gets whisked away to the party with their own personal host or hostess taking care of everything.  Let the party begin!  Click on the “Birthdays” in the navigation bar to find out how we can host your next celebration!


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Adventure City Reviews

"I can't help writing a good review for Adventure City, as I was so impressed with this place! Celebrated my son's birthday party here and it was a blast! Everyone was having a great time and I am glad we made a perfect decision to have a party here."
- Vivian C.

"I had my daughter's birthday party at Adventure City this past weekend. The park and all the rides were the PERFECT size for my daughter and all her little friends. Needless to say my daughter and all her friends had a blast and did not want to leave!!! From the responses I received from the parents and their kids (all of whom had never been here before as well) I am certain that there will be many more birthday parties being celebrated here. We will definitely be back here...and very soon I'm sure."
- Stacy D.